Killer Quads, Leg Workout!

Updated: January 3, 2013

This routine is the mother of all quad workouts.This super high volume workout is sure to kill the baddest of the bad.  If today is the day you feel like really being a masochist and wrecking your quads, give this one a shot.

By: Casandra Madero

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Warm up

First of all you really wanna warm up your legs because this is gonna be a tough one so start by performing

3 Sets of High Rep Leg Extensions

Leg Press with Feet Higher on the Plain.

  • Place your feet high up on the platform so that when you lower the weight your knees come into your chest.
  • You will notice a short range of motion but you will only hit your quads.
  • Be sure to push from your heels and be careful of back rounding.
1) Perform 4 Sets of 15 reps
2) Increase the weight  and perform 12 reps
3) Increase the weight again and perform 12 reps
 4) Increase the weight again and perform  8-10 reps
5) Remove a couple of plates and perform 12 reps
6) Remove a couple more plates and perform as many reps as you possibly can until you achieve failure

Smith Machine Squats with toes directly under the bar

  • Yes this will look weird but you are trying to Simulate a Front Squat.
  • Don’t go too heavy but make sure that you go all the way down.
  • Warm up until you get to a weight where you can perform 12 reps.
Perform 3 sets of 12 reps. All using the same weight.

Hack Squats

1) Perform a set with as many reps as possible till failure.
      1 set should only be needed but do 2 if you didn’t gauge the weight properly.
2) Perform 8 reps in sled then get out and do  20 Bodyweight Squats
3) Drop the weight, perform 8 Reps in Sled then get out and do 40 Bodyweight Squats
4) Drop Weight 8 reps in Sled then get out and do 60 Bodyweight Squats

Leg Extensions  7 Sets 15 reps

  • Each rep is done with a 1 second squeeze and a controlled negative. 
  • Rest 15 – 20 seconds between sets. Just enough to get up and shake it out.
  • If needed the weight may be lowered once you can’t reach the 15 reps.

 This workout may sound crazy… so I triple dare you to do it right. If you survive you are a true warrior and on the way to some seriously shredded quads. Best of luck

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